Obstacle of Connection: Struggle With New Sincerity Within Oscillation (2016)

With Modernism we naïvely hoped for utopia, Post-Modernism we were taught to first be ironic, now in an emerging Metamodern world we are searching for new forms of sincerity. As a young artist, I am just beginning to uncover my narrative. I wanted to express my frustration with culture’s duality between sincerity and irony and how it molds an artist’s mind through my photography. Our feelings oscillate between sincerity and irony making it difficult to take a stance and be sincere when we can contradict ourselves at an instant with the internet. The body is a burden - a physical manifestation of an artist's metaphysical frustration with their own state of oscillation. The body fights us just like oscillation, bouncing between an energetic state and an exhaustion state constantly repeating until death.